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COVID – 19 update

Dear Parents / Carers


This has been the most peculiar week I have ever experienced in education, but as always the children and staff in school have been amazing !

I would like to thank all families who have taken the Government’s advice and guidance seriously and kept their children at home where it is safe to do so. I must stress however that we are still open at Marlbrook and St Martin’s  :


  • for children who may be deemed ‘vulnerable’ and also


  • for children where one or both parents are in the ‘critical key worker’ category.

Please contact school if you are unsure or need some advice regarding either of these.

 We will be opening as a ‘Holiday Club’ at Marlbrook during the Easter holidays from Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April from 8.30am – 4.30pm (excluding Good Friday and Easter Monday) for the same children in the groups above from any of our schools.

You will not need to book a place for this and there will be no charge. We will also be providing packed lunches for the children as the kitchen in school will be closed.

Stay safe and best wishes 

Tracey Kneale


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