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St Martin's Primary School


Year 5


English – Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone.

This term, we will be reading the first Harry Potter book in the series by J.K Rowling. We will explore this modern classic book and use it to support our English work and encourage the children’s love of reading. We will of course continue to work on our spellings and developing writing skills.


We will focus on all aspects of number system and place value. We will build on knowledge of year 4 and begin to develop year 5 knowledge up to and including 5-digit numbers as well as decimals. We also expect the children to continue practicing their times tables as they are essential to our math’s work. Homework each week will be based on what we have been studying within daily lessons.


As part of our Geography curriculum we will be learning about the location of countries and cities around the globe as well as investigating the different biomes around the globe.


Through our History we will be looking at the Ancient Greek civilisation we will study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.


In science, we will be studying properties and changes of materials and animals including humans.

In D.T we will be studying food and nutrition as well as thinking about inventions that can keep us safer on roads.

In Art we will continue to develop our drawing, painting and printmaking skills.

In RE we will be studying Islam and  Christianity and how beliefs influence everyday lives. 

In Spanish the children will begin to recap Spanish phonics skills and listen, speak and write about pets.

In music this term we will learn the melodies and harmonies as we prepare for Young Voices.

We are looking forward to our time spent with your children and hope they will enjoy the topics we shall be teaching them. If you have any concerns please feel free to speak to us on the playground before or after school.

Mrs Holder and Mrs Adams.