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Year 4

We would like to welcome all the children back to St Martin’s as we start another exciting year.

Miss Denton and Mr Walker are our teachers and we have Mrs. Price who will be working with us. We are all very much looking forward to starting the school year and we hope that you are as well.

In English this term, we will be thinking about description and making sure that we are using paragraphs within our work. We are also going to be working hard to ensure we are expanding our vocabulary within our writing. We will be having weekly comprehension activities which will build on the skills that the children already have in this area to allow them to gain more confidence. Our Reading for Meaning book this term is ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes – a real classic – which we will be integrating to our English lessons.

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In Maths, we are learning about place value, rounding numbers and recapping our basic numbers facts to name but a few things that we will be doing. This year we will be heavily focused on learning our timetables all the way up to the twelve times table. Not only will this help them throughout the rest of their educational journey but it will help them towards the end of the year when Year 4 will be sitting a computerized test on times tables from the government. We will be learning our times tables by playing games, singing songs and even using Times Tables Rockstar - which can be accessed at home as well!

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In Science this half term our topic is Animals and their Habitats. This topic particularly looks at how we can order and categorize living things. It also explores how animals adapt to their environment’s and we question what happens when habitats change or are destroyed. Next half term, we will explore Animals Including Humans – in this topic we explore the digestive system and teeth in animals in humans. This topic offers us the chance to do some rather ‘gruesome’ experiments which the children will definitely love!

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Our Topic work allows us to explore our country’s history as we focus on The Anglo-Saxons. Within this topic we will be investigating why these people came to England and how their settling here affects us today. We will also be exploring our country’s geography by thinking about why people settled in certain areas. Finally in geography, we will be looking at maps and exploring how we can read certain symbols.

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In Music this term we are really lucky as we will have a specialist music teacher joining us and teaching us all how to play the ukulele – I am sure this will be very noisy but definitely lots of fun.

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In our RE lessons we will be exploring these two key questions – 1. What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong? 2. Why are festivals important to religious communities? These will allow the children to explore a variety of different religions and allow many opportunities for some in class debate – which is always great fun.

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We have English and Maths homework handed out weekly on a Friday and this needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. This includes: spellings, times tables and a task from maths and English. Parents should also be aware that children should be taking home their reading and reading record books daily. We would hope and expect that families take these opportunities to read and share books with their children. Please come and see us if any problems arise.

For the benefit of children, we are very keen to have open and positive relations between the school and families at home. Please don’t hesitate to come in and see us if you have any questions or concerns and we will always do our best to help.

With best wishes from the Year 4 Team!Image result for happy face