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St Martin's Primary School



Autumn 2023 Newsletter

We are all so pleased to welcome the children into Year One. Below are some details about what the children will be learning about this term. Please do not hesitate to speak to us about any concerns you may have. We are more than happy to discuss these with you at the end of the school day or please make an appointment with the school office. We look forward to a very happy and successful term.


In Science, we will begin with our topic Animals including Humans when we will be learning about our bodies and our senses. After half term we will be observing changes across the four seasons. We will observe and describe the weather associated with the seasons and discuss how the day length varies.History and Geography

During this term we will be learning about the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. We will also name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans. In History we will be looking at Toys and how these have changed over the years.


In RE this term, we will be learning about the creation story and about belonging to a faith community. 


In Art pupils will be introduced to a range of drawing tools, such as charcoal, pencil, chalk and pastel. They will be taught to make basic marks and about how changing the pressure and orientation of these marks can create different textures.



In Maths this term we will begin by focusing on counting, reading and writing numbers to 20 and then progressing to 100. We will be representing these numbers using objects and we will compare and order numbers. We will be finding one more and one less than a number and counting on and back in ones from any number.


In English we are looking at fiction focusing on character descriptions and sequencing familiar stories. We will be enjoying stories that focus on rhyme.

We will also be learning about labels and captions in non-fiction books. We focus heavily on phonics in Year 1 and teach daily sessions on this.


Reading is a priority and we read regularly on a 1:1 basis with your child and also focus on comprehension. All children have reading books and diaries. Please read with your children at home and fill in the reading diary.

We will continue with Rainbow Readers too! If you read with your child 5 times a week for 5 weeks and record this in their reading diary, they can choose a book to keep.


In PE this term, we will be focusing on agility, balance and dance. After half term we will be doing throwing and catching skills. Please could children have a named PE kit in school at all times.

Forest School sessions will also take place this term and you will receive a letter to notify you when these commence.


We look forward to a fun and successful term together.


Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants

1DV is taught by Mrs Davies (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Vedmore (Thursday and Friday).

1D is taught by Miss Darling.

Our teaching assistants in Year one are Mrs Andrews and Mrs Arnold.