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It has been a fantastic start to school for our Reception children. They are settling well and are enjoying exploring all the areas of the Learning Environment. If you have any queries or concerns about your child then please don’t hesitate to speak to member of staff. We continue to work with you as partners in your child’s education.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- We will be teaching the children about behavior expectations at school. We will give each child a reward chart for them to collect ’smileys’ for appropriate behavior. We will promote good manners and encourage each child to say please and thank you. We would be grateful if you could continue to encourage this at home. The children will be learning how to be a good friend and building positive relationships with staff and peers. They will also learn how to look after their belongings.

Communication and Language– The children will take part in lots of small group activities such as board and dice games in order to further develop their attention and concentration. We will also be teaching the children to wait their turn to speak in a conversation. Your child will have their turn with the ‘Show and Tell’ bag . They will bring the bag home and are invited to bring in one item of interest that they can show and tell their friends about. This will  help develop their speaking and listening skills.

Physical Development–  We will be learning to get dressed and undressed for PE independently. It would be great if you could practise this at home. We will introduce the children to basic equipment and will enjoy learning and playing lots of fun games in the hall. We will begin to talk about healthy eating and looking after our bodies.

Maths– We are introducing the children to Numicon (a resource we use to teach number skills). We will have a daily maths session where the children will practise counting forwards and backwards and learn number recognition. We will begin to learn about shapes and patterns and will develop our understanding of mathematical language such as position, size and quantity.

Understanding of the World–  We will be learning about  families and celebrating Grandparents Day. We will use both the Computer and the Interactive Board in the class and explore ‘Education City to complete simple games and use a variety of websites to support our learning. The children will learn about  Autumn /Harvest and Christmas.

Literacy–  We will begin our daily phonics sessions, focusing on listening skills and introducing some phonemes. The children will begin to bring home books from the school reading scheme and their key words lists. Please make sure you practise these regularly at home. The children will take part in weekly handwriting lessons and will practise the correct formation of the letters in their name.

Expressive Art and Design–  The children will be singing rhymes and songs daily. They will have the opportunity to take part in role play, explore musical instruments and the making area/painting bay.

Please make sure all clothing that your child wears to school are named.  The children need to bring their book bag  every day.

Many thanks, Mrs Jones and Miss Price

Dates for your diary

Reading Meeting for parents -Wednesday 12th September 9am

Grandparents Day -Friday 5th October 2.15pm

Funky Fingers workshop for parents - Friday 12th October 9am

Parents Evening—Wednesday 7th November 4pm—7pm

Maths Meeting for parents - Wednesday 7th November 9am

Nativity Performances-RJ Tuesday 11th December 2.30pm/RP Wednesday 12th December 2.30pm Thursday 13th December 2.15pm