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St Martin's Primary School

Our Nursery

Welcome to St Martin's Nursery!

St. Martin's Nursery has an intake of two classes of twenty children, run by a qualified teacher, with the support of a teaching assistant. Where place permit, children are admitted to the Nursery following the child's third birthday and will be offered a morning or afternoon place taking parental preference into consideration when possible. Each session is three hours long and we also offer 30 hour places for those eligible. If booking a full day the lunch hour is also included at no extra charge (packed lunch required). 

Our Nursery follows the school's ethos of empowering all children to be the best that they can be. Even for the youngest of children in our school we encourage each child to be optimistic, determined and resilient to help them achieve their full potential. First and foremost we take pride in ensuring that the children feel happy and safe, while providing them with a variety of adult-led but mostly child-led activities. We really do understand that play is important for all children, no matter what stage of development - and after all, as grown-ups, we like to play too! Therefore play is an integral part of our learning in Nursery. The adults in the nursery also observe the children in their play, then enhance, support and encourage their learning from the children's interests. Activities are carefully planned to provide as many learning opportunities as possible, both inside and outside, with access to the schools facilities. 

Children's progress is closely monitored throughout their time in Nursery. This takes the form of an online learning journey with records of children's achievements alongside photographs demonstrating progress. This information is shared with families and either transferred to the reception class or the child's new school at the end of the year. At least once a term we hold a 'Family Share Day' in which family members are invited into Nursery to join in with the activities and stay and play with their children to see what they have been learning. We are also fortunate enough to be able to take our Nursery children out on school trips throughout the year. 

We like to think of our Nursery as a home from home - a safe and stimulating environment where children feel happy and valued. It's often busy, a little bit messy, with lots of fun and games thrown in and is a place where children can truly flourish before taking the big step and starting primary school.