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Welcome back to the Spring Term. The children have come back to school with lots of Christmas news and settled straight back into school routine with eagerness. A huge thank you to all who attended our Christmas craft afternoon and our nativity, the children were so proud to share these with you. If you have any queries or concerns about your child then please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff. As the children are now in their second term of Reception, we strongly ask that you now give your child their belongings and allow them to independently come into the cloakroom from the playground. This allows the children to build on their confidence and independence.

This term in:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- We are continuing to teach the children about behaviour expectations at school and will continue with reward charts for them to collect smileys for appropriate behaviour. Through our focus on 'People Who Help Us' we will be looking at 'Stranger Danger' and how we can keep safe both within and out of school. We are also promoting the children's independence greatly this term, to collect and look after their belongings, access snack themselves, zip up their own coats and to also discuss and resolve situations with their peers. We would be grateful if you could continue to encourage this at home. 

Communication and Language - The children will take part in lots of small group activities and discussion this term through our focus and learn a range of new vocabulary, based upon 'People who help us'. Each school day will also bring a new VIP in each class, where your child will have their turn with the 'Show and Tell' bag. They will bring the bag home and are invited to bring in one item of interest that they can show and tell their friends about. This will help develop their speaking and listening skills and confidence in talking in front of a group. 

Physical Development - We will be continuing with independent dressing and undressing for PE and Forest School, please continue to support this at home to encourage your child's independence. Forest school and PE will also bring a range of ways to move for your child in different environments, continuing to learn the skills of catching, skipping and moving on different levels

Maths - In Maths we will be continuing to work with numbers up to 10. The children will be finding totals and saying one more and one less than a given number. The children will be doing lots of practical activities to reinforce what they have learnt. We will also be using language related to time, learning the names of 3D shapes and using positional language.

Understanding of the World - During this term the children will do lots of investigations and will learn about the changes in our Forest School environment, talking about their findings and giving explanations. We will be using our outside area to plant a range of flowers and vegetables, discussing how to care for them. The children will continue to use ICT technology and will begin to learn about their address and use Google maps to find their home.

Literacy - We will continue with our daily phonics sessions, focusing on listening skills, tricky words and segmenting and blending. We are continuing with phase 3 of the letters and sounds programme. The children will continue to bring home books from the school reading scheme and their key words lists. Please make sure you practise these regularly at home. The children will take part in weekly handwriting lessons and will continue practise the correct formation of letters. As part of our focus 'People who help us' the children will be writing letters, captions and facts and learn about the different roles of professionals through role-play, stories and video clips.

Expressive Art and Design - The children will continue to sing rhymes and songs daily. They will have the opportunity to take part in role play, explore musical instruments and the making area/painting bay, discussing ideas first and then constructing with a purpose in mind. Our role play area will change in accordance to the professionals we are discussing.



Tuesday - PE for RLC

Wednesday - PE for RB

Tuesday AM- Forest School for RB

Thursday AM- Forest School for RLC

(Please remember to dress in old clothes for Forest School and bring school uniform to change into.) 

Please make sure all clothing that your child wears to school (hats, scarfs, gloves, coats) are named. The children need to continue to bring their book bag and water bottle every day.

Many thanks

Mrs Lewis, Mrs Camden, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Ball, and Mrs Pockett.

n.b. Dates for your diary - Phonics workshop for parents Wednesday 17th January 2018, Bedtime stories - Wednesday 31st January 2018.