Ewyas Harold Primary School

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In Reception there are 2 classes, each class has a main teacher and teaching assistant.

Class RK is being taught by Mrs Kolosinski and supported by Mrs Keen.

Class RLC is being taught by Mrs Lewis and Mrs Camden who are both supported by Mrs Pockett.


We like to Welcome back the children after a busy Christmas Period and get started on another busy and exciting term.

Communication Language and Literacy

This term we will be building the children’s literacy skills with lots of exposure to traditional tales and fiction books. We will of course follow the children’s interests and this will be included in all areas of literacy and play.

The children will be continuing with handwriting skills on a daily basis.

RLC are very interested in being Policemen at the moment and so we look forward to finding out more about the people who help us.


 RK are finding out about Winter and have had a visit from Jack Frost to help them explore ice..



The children have all made a very good start with their phonic knowledge and we are beginning Phase 3 sounds this term - To teach phonics we use the Letters and Sounds Scheme. Please look at the learning at home sheet sent home at the end of each week to keep up to date with sounds you can practise at home with your child.

New key words will be given to your child as they are ready.



The children are working with teen numbers, learning to count, recognise and order numbers to 20 confidently.

Learning about 3d shapes

Learning and using the language fewer and more

They will be looking at measures and capacity

Using money and money language in real life situations.

Beginning to record their findings.



Understanding the World

We will be exploring our local area with a walk planned to Asda where the children will choose some new golden time toys with the money raised from the Christmas fayre.

We will be going on a spring walk to look at seasonal changes.

We will be planting seeds and looking at creating a garden area together.

We will be investigating ICT and programmable toys.

We will be using the ICT suite and learning to use a mouse and keyboard.

We will investigating celebrations and cultures looking at Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, St David’s day, Mothering Sunday and Easter.



The Children will be developing their gross motor skills by practising throwing and catching games and target practise using large and small balls and beanbags.

They will also begin some basic gymnastic balances and movement using large equipment.

Using small tools and developing their hand writing skills.


Personal, Social and Emotional

Daily routines

Sharing and taking turns

Making friendships

Keeping Healthy.


Helpful Information

PE will be taught on the following days:-

Class RK – Friday

Class RLC – Monday

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit and is labelled. The children need to keep their PE kit in school until half term when it will be sent home to be washed.


Water Bottles

Please ensure that they contain just plain Water, if your child prefers squash or juice they may have this in their packed lunch.



The children have made a good start at learning to read and are enjoying reading with an adult at school.

Thank you to all the parents who support their children at home by hearing them read, we look forward to presenting lots more Rainbow reader’s certificates at a weekly assembly to be held in the Infant Hall.


Dates for your Diary for this Term

Counting Workshop for Parents – Thursday 26th January 2.30pm

Phonics Meeting for Parents – Wednesday 29th March 9.00am

Easter Reception Stay and Play parent craft session Thursday 6th April 2.15pm – 3.15pm

We look forward to working with you to give your child the best possible experience.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Kolosinski

Mrs Keen

Mrs Camden

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Pockett

Here is a video put together by Mrs Lewis and Mrs Camden with the help of the children!