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I hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays. Welcome back and welcome to the new children and parents who have joined our Nursery class. I am Miss Starkey and will be your teacher in Nursery. Our teaching assistant is Miss Jeffries. We are all very excited to be working with your children and supporting them in their Early Years development. If you have any queries or concerns about your child then we will be pleased to help you either at the beginning or end of the session. We are keen to work with you as partners in your child’s education.

In Nursery we observe the children and plan activities that are child-initiated, leading from the children and their interests. The children have the opportunity to play and learn indoors and outdoors to support all areas of the curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development– We will support your child in building friendships at Nursery and becoming independent with their needs including finding their name, putting their coat on and washing their hands when using the toilet. We are promoting manners and encouraging each child to say please and thank you. We would be grateful if you could encourage this at home.

Communication and Language– We will be supporting your child with their listening skills through phonic group games. We will also be reading stories with the children to support their listening skills and expanding their knowledge by asking simple questions.

Physical Development- We will support your child with playing on the bikes and scooters outside, to explore different ways of moving and using their bodies. Also we will explore large gross movements in readiness for pencil and cutting skills.

Literacy - We will provide opportunities for your child to recognise their name and mark making on different surfaces developing into writing their names. When they come into Nursery they will self-register by finding their name on the apple and putting it on the tree. Please support your child in doing this.

In Nursery we have been learning a Nursery Rhyme a week this week 12/03/17 we will be learning Bobby Shafto, I have put the music to Bobby Shafto underneath so you will be able to practice with your child at home.


Maths- We are looking at numbers and counting to 10. Please support your child by counting with them when you go up and down the stairs.

Understanding of the World- The children will have opportunities to plant seeds and watch them grow and learn how to look after our environment. We will support your child with using the laptops and iPad and playing basic games on them as well as programmable toys such as the BeeBot.

Expressive Art and Design- We will support children with using different resources for example paints and how they can change when colours are mixed. The children will be given the opportunity to express themselves through role play, small world, and music.

We will provide the children with milk, water and a healthy snack during the session. Please let us know if there are any allergies that we do not already know about. Please ensure that school water bottles contain plain water, if your child prefers squash or juice they may have this in their packed lunch.

The children will have the opportunity to explore and have fun with ‘messy’ play which is a huge part of the Early Years curriculum. We have aprons and spare clothes at school but it is a good idea for your child to have a bag of their own spare clothes on their peg.

As the weather is unpredictable, please ensure children bring suitable clothing each day for example raincoats or sunhats. We will apply sun cream as necessary unless you request otherwise.


Dates for your Diary

Easter Craft - 28th March

Easter Holidays- 29th March-16th April

Farm trip to Hereford Community Farm - 2nd May

Half term- 26th May - 5th June

Sports Day - 14th June

Learning Journey Picnic- 5th July